Happy Friday,
Chuck Berg and myself had the privilege to meet Parks and Recreation Director Jamie Polly at the new All Inclusive Playground yesterday. The reason was to view the installation of our Shakopee Rotary Music. The planning for the Park has been around for several years and was first anticipated to be with the Huber park development.  It then shifted to being part of the All Inclusive Playground, with detailed planning beginning early summer.
Great news!! The music portion is complete. The music "pieces" are fantastic. Ask Chuck...I played with them yesterday with the smile of a kid on my face. The City, Jamie Polley, Councilor Mike Luce have all shared that this was a perfect marriage to have the "music park" meld with the Playground. We should be very proud that our Club had the foresight to see something like this would be an asset to any playground in town, but as a part of the All Inclusive Playground was a perfect fit. Thanks to Chuck and all the Club members who supported this idea over time.
It sure is a pleasure to be part of this amazing group of Rotarians. There will be an official "Grand Opening" in the Spring and it would be fantastic to have our entire Club be present. More details to come...along with the proposed Rotary signage.