Good Friday Afternoon,
It may not be sunny out, but the temperature of 70 is a gift this time of year. Is everybody ready for Halloween? In our neighborhood we still get well over 100 kids Trick or Treating. It is a blast seeing the little ones dressed up and their smiles as I pass out handfuls of candy. The dogs would disagree, as they never seem to figure out what's happening...from their vantage point in the laundry room. We just take the front door off its hinges which makes it pretty easy with the non-stop Trick or Treating.
This past meeting was packed with members. That is always great to see and it sure made Kelsey, our speaker, have a great impression of our Club. I hope everyone learned a little about the new Shakopee Energy Park. The feedback received was all positive. I appreciate her schedule accommodation with just a few days notice.
Our next meeting, November 1, will be our first Breakfast Meeting. Having the meeting at 700am is an inconvenience to some members, but others welcome a early Breakfast Meeting. Please plan on inviting someone whose schedule works well with a Breakfast Meeting. We will give it a try during 4 different November meetings. The early meetings are November 1, 8, 22 and 29. Remember the November 15 meeting is a lunch meeting at Turtles, to celebrate our Senior Citizens.
Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast, I am not sure who will be our speaker for Tuesday, but as soon as I find out, I will let everyone know. Please plan on attending our first Breakfast Meeting and provide feedback, as it is always welcome as we continue to look into ways to have our Club become assessable to all potential members. Remember will are going back to luncheon meetings, after we give this a try. And speaking of meetings, we have lots of fun planned for December...more details are coming...
Our First Breakfast Meeting:
Song Master - Bob Greeley
Fine Master - Chuck Berg
Greeter's Table - Linda Plum, Tammy Laurent and Kathy Klehr
Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast...Did I forget to mention our next meeting is at Breakfast Meeting. Breakfast at 700am, meeting starts at 717am and the meeting will end at 815am. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Be proud to be a Rotarian, we do make a difference each and every day.
Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast....have great weekends and GO Cubs!,