Good Monday Morning to Everyone,
I have a big request from our membership. It is one that is important to the future of our Club. Both myself and President Elect Barb Danielson are having difficulty in recruiting a Club Secretary. Several of you have been approached and have declined the opportunity to help our Club grow and prosper. We are half way through our 2016-2017 year and it is becoming extremely important to have this position filled. Barb will be stepping into the President's role July 1 and it is the time for her to begin the transition to being our next leader.
Please, please consider accepting a leadership role with our Club. I know you will be happy if you did. Please let me know if I can send you our official Shakopee Rotary Secretary Job Description for you to review. Remember it is not a sacrifice to step up, but a wonderful opportunity and privilege to play a larger role in the best service organization in the world.
If anyone would like to meet and discuss this opportunity, please let me know and I will make myself available. Please give it a bit of thought...