Hi All,
I had a great time at last week's meeting. Thanks Libby for introducing the Jamison & Kaley, Camp Enterprise students. So nice to know that they had a good experience.  Our speaker, Mary Romansky is a wonder - I was especially moved and inspired by her "Good to Go" story of filling kids backpacks with food to tide them over the weekend. 
Thanks Barb for teaching me a new song - although my thighs were a bit sore from all the slapping. If you missed this week's meeting - you'll have to guess what that means.  :-)
Please make our newest member, Rick Meyer welcome - invite him to join you in a committee!
This coming week (1/27) we welcome Judith Brumfield, Director of the Scott County Health & Human Services Department as our speaker.  Mark "guitar-man" McNeill returns as song master and Libby Bergan steps up to the podium as fine master.  Greeters this week are Chris Kost, Tammy Laurent and Chuck Huss.
We're putting together a planning committee to develop a celebration party and need some volunteers to help in the following areas.  Please contact Deb Erickson to join in the fun.
  • decorations
  • history
  • guest list
  • auction
  • publicity
  • logistics / meal
FYI: Although our actual anniversary is in March, we plan to hold the big celebration in May.  This will allow us plenty of time to develop a great party, and ensure that the weather cooperates.
Board members: please send out your board reports prior to our meeting on Wednesday 1/28 next week!
Light UP Rotary!
Kathleen Klehr
President 2014/15