Happy Monday Fellow Rotarians,
I am back in the office today after a week in DC. It is a city I love to visit, but after one week it is good to be back in MN. There were scheduled visits with Rep. Lewis, Rep. Emmer and Rep. McCollum. I was to meet with Sen. Klobuchar and Sen. Franken. I also had some time to spend outside of the political arena. I'll tell a story or two at tomorrow's meeting. Big thanks go to our President Elect Barb Danielson for, once again, filling in for me.
This week our luncheon speaker will be Tom Goetzinger, the General Manager and morning personality for radio station KCHK. Please plan on attending and making Tom feel welcomed by our Club. I am sure it will be an interesting presentation.
Tomorrow's Meeting:
Song Master - Libby Bergen
Fine Master - Chuck Berg
Greeter's Table - Barb Brekke, Jeff Tate and Joe Vaughan