Good Friday Morning Everyone,
What a wonderful Holiday Party Celebration last night at the McNeill's beautiful home! It was attended by so many of our Club members, family and friends. Once everyone made it past Lee Hennen, manning the attendance table, you entered a festive home, filled with great people, delicious food and holiday libations. I was so disappointed that I have to leave early, but I still had a fantastic time. Thanks so much for everyone providing food, Linda Plum and her wonderful cookies, Barb Brekke for supplying the libations and especially Sheila and Mark McNeill for opening their home to the Shakopee Rotary Club.
Please visit our Club's Facebook page. Photos of the Party have been uploaded, with many smiling faces.
As I write this, snow has begun to fall and I am really getting into the Christmas if I can just finish the shopping part. My sincere hope is that each and everyone of you have a wonderful Holiday Season, filled with family, friends and especially love for one another. This is truly a special time for all.
Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas,