Good Morning Rotary Club Members, Families and Friends,
This week's message is a little earlier than usual. I am taking a weekend trip with my brothers and our sons for the annual football trip to Las Vegas. And since I did not win Powerball last night, I may even risk a few dollars on the Timberwolves making the playoffs...the odds are about the same.. I also asked Chief Tate for a few pointers on how to stay off the weekly taping of "Cops". 
Our presentation this week was so very interesting. Most of us had no idea of the life of a young George Washington. Author Steven Yoch did a great job as it was fascinating. By the way, on the History Channel yesterday, there was a program on our founding fathers, and because of Steven's presentation, I was aware of much of what was presented. The TV show did point out that George was a little randy. When  Steven's next book is completed, our Club would love to have him back.
Our next meeting on January 19, will feature a presentation by a Super Bowl Host Committee member. It should be so educational as to all that goes in with the planning and preparation of such a world-wide event. Maybe, just maybe, the Vikings will continue to improve and be center stage; we can only hope, except Jim Cook. By the way, good luck to the Packers this weekend.
Next Meeting:
Our Song Master will be none other than Jason Marschall
Our Fine Master will be Tim Whitcomb, so everyone should bring 3 bux
Greeter's Table: Joan Lynch, Sheila McNeill and Jason Marschall
Here's to hoping everyone has wonderful weekends. Stay warm and share special times with families and's what life is all about.. And as Doc Muralt would say "Smile and the world smiles with you..."