Happy Friday Afternoon to Everyone,
As much as I love snow, I would not wish 2 feet of the stuff on anyone on the east coast. The storm is starting to create all sorts of issues for residents, businesses and air travelers. Winter-wise things have become tame since the cold snap the past couple of weeks...maybe we are out of the woods. If I were a betting man, and you all know I am a bad one, we will have some really cold snowy weather yet to come.
 Learning about all that is going into the Super Bowl 52 preparations was fascinating at our last meeting. I particularly like the "Bold North" branding that the Committee will use. Coupled with our new football stadium, I am sure this will be the best Super Bowl yet. Maybe we could invite Andrea  and Lannie back next year and see all that planning being put into place for 2018.
Kathy Klehr will graciously lead our Tuesday meeting. I will be attending some required Board meetings that morning and most likely miss the entire Rotary meeting. Thanks Kathy for stepping in.
That meeting, January 26, will feature a presentation by Richard Lett, a retired Secret Service Agent from Scotland Yard. During his career he was on the detail that protected the Royal Family. It should be so very interesting. Be sure and schedule your time to attend this presentation. You won't be disappointed.
Next Meeting:
Fine Master - Jason Marschall
Song Master - Bill Reynolds
Greeter's Table - Rick Meyers, Bill Nevin and Kevin O'Brien
Once again, thanks to all of our members in making our Club as strong as it is and truly making a difference in our community. My sincere thanks to all of you.
Have great weekends,