Good Afternoon to all our Club Members, their Families and Friends,
Its still February, but I am pretty sure I heard a clap of thunder this morning. Spring continues to inch closer to Minnesota. Since our speaker was ill on Tuesday, everyone had to sit through my cheerleading for the Distributed Generation Plant being built in Shakopee. This will be a great addition to our community and we are lucky to have such a facility. The Plant will be operational Spring 2017. If interested, we could have a formal presentation, as mine was off the cuff.
Tuesday February 23rd, the day of our next meeting, is also the 111th Anniversary of Rotary. That is 111 years of "Service Above Self". Quite remarkable in this day and age for something so important to last as long as it has and continues to be stronger every year. That is because so many little Clubs like ours make up one huge voice and power to make positive changes in our community and around the world. I am always proud to say that I am a Rotarian.
Speaking of being a Rotarian, please consider being a part of our Club's Visioning Workshop taking place Monday February 29th at 500pm at Shakopee Public Utilities. It is a chance for you to have a direct say in the future of our Club and to set Goals and Objectives for the next few years. Please let me know if you are willing to will not be disappointed.
Our meeting next Tuesday will have Scott Belvitch, Head Ice Maker for the new Chaska Curling Center, provide a presentation on the unique facility that is next door in Chaska. Please make time in your schedule to welcome Scott to our Club and have the opportunity to learn about this world class Curling Center.
Next Meeting:
Song Master - Club President John first time
Fine Master - Libby Bergen
Greeter's Table - Bill Reynolds, Doug Schleif and Tony Spagnolo
Thanks to all of you for making our Rotary Club as strong as it is. We can continue to make our Club stronger if each of us participates with attending meetings, being part of a Committee, volunteering and being a proud part of Rotary International. I am proud of our Club and proud of each an every member. Thanks for allowing me to be your President.
Regards and Have Wonderful Weekends,