Good Snowy Friday Afternoon,
It was a great week for our Rotary Club. Our Visioning Work Session was filled with enthusiasm and positive ideas in making our Club more vibrant, motivated and ultimately stronger. Thanksto everyone that made time in their schedule to be part of the process. More details of the process will be made to the Club when I return from Washington, DC.
Our Speaker this week was our beloved Mayor Bill Mars. He talked of the state of the City and building community support for making Shakopee all that it could be. The ideas for the Community Center are also very positive. Thanks to Mayor Mars for visiting our Club.
While I am out of town next week, Past president Kathy Klehr will "take over the reins" for the March 8 meeting. Please plan on attending. We had the room filled with members on Tuesday, so lets do that every week.
Our Speaker next week will be Dr. Willie Dean and he will speak about the benefits of summer camp for urban youth. Please join us.
For our March 8 meeting:
Song Master - Jon McBroom
Fine Master - Kathy Klehr
Greeter's Table - Joe Schmidt, Ron Smith and Tony Spagnolo
Here's to everyone having great weekends,