Good Morning to all our Club Members, Families and Friends,
I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. The weather was rather gloomy, but starting today, Spring will be in the least until Friday. Last meeting, Jeremy Geske told us everything in the world about sheep and it was quite interesting. Did anyone have lamb for Easter?
This week Kate O'Hair from EDF Renewable will present information about renewable energy. The energy landscape is changing quite a bit and the industry is very exciting. Come to think of it, I know a little about the topic  and am interested to learn even more from our speaker. Please plan time in your busy schedules to attend the meeting and listen to Ms. O'Hair, join in some fellowship and have a bite to eat.
Tomorrow's Meeting:
Song Master - OPEN...if anyone would like to step up and lead us in a song, please let me know.
Fine Master - Deb Erickson
Greeter's Table - Alan Spillers, Kevin Studnicka and Charlie Sunder
Hoping everyone has a wonderful start to the week. I will plan on seeing you all tomorrow at the meeting.