Happy Friday to our Shakopee Club Members, Families and Friends,
Another glorious day as I look out the office window. I am thinking about working a half day and heading up north...we'll see how that works out. Next weekend is Memorial Day already and then June. Holy Cow, June already. Someone said to me that we only have 3 nice months left.....
Having the Tokata students visit our Club on Tuesday was a real treat. The dedication of their Principal Eric Serbius goes without saying. You can look at the students and see the respect he has earned from them. We should be proud of the support our Club gives to the program. Every student said they were going to pursue more education after their graduation. A real difference has been made in their lives.
Next week's presentation will be from Kevin Smith, from the PGA Headquarters. Kevin will be bringing us up to date on the 2016 Ryder Cup that is coming to the Hazeltine Golf Club in Chaska. The worldwide event takes place from September 27 through October 2. What an honor to have this prestigious event just across the Minnesota River. If you are not familiar with the Ryder Cup, it is a bit more "unreserved" than a typical golf tournament. Please plan on attending and listening to Kevin as he educates us on all that goes into preparing for the huge 2016 Ryder Cup.
Next Week's Meeting:
Song Master - Joe Schmidt
Fine Master - Jim Cook
Greeter's Table - Barb Brekke, Tim Whitcomb and Bill W.
Keep up the great work that each and everyone of you do, day in and day out, that truly makes the difference in people's lives that really need our service. One positive thing each day makes us better people and that allows us to provide Service above Self...the true meaning of being a Rotarian. Thank you for all you do. Now back to work to see if I can get away early today....