Happy Monday Morning,
I am back in the office after 10 days up north. The weather was beautiful, great times with family and way too much food. There is no phone, TV or Internet service so I am a bit late on the weekly message. I missed the Fourth here and also a pretty big storm. Well, it just takes an hour or so in the office and I am back to business as usual.
Without the meeting last week, it seems like a long time since I have seen everyone. Speaking of everyone...Please pay your annual dues! We had hoped every member would pay by July 1st. Its a little disappointing that only half of our Club has sent in their checks. Please make an effort to bring your membership up to date. Paying on time alleviates some financial pinch points we have with our Club's dues that are paid to Rotary International. Let me know if there is a hardship with the dues and maybe we can work out a plan. As always, let me know if you have any questions.
Tomorrow our speaker is Alan Anderson. Alan will discuss how climate change threatens the work Rotary International does all over the globe. Plan on attending and learn about how these issues will effect the future.
Tomorrow's Meeting:
Song Master - Chuck Berg
Fine Master - Harold Armstrong...remember him?
Greeter's Table - Michele Dahl, John Canny and Jim Cook
Please enjoy your Monday and get ready for a bit of rain and maybe a storm tonight.  See you tomorrow.