Happy Hot Humid Thursday Afternoon,
Just returned from the Post Office and thought my clothes would catch on fire. It is most definitely kinda' warm out there. The Utilities set a record for electric usage yesterday and that number will be surpassed in about 2 more hours.  Take care of yourself and drinks lots of water.
Well, after my stint as Fine Master on Tuesday, I was told to go jump in a lake. I am taking them up on the offer and am heading north to do just that in the morning. I may stay in the lake for a bit after I jump in...
I think I should comment on Jim Cook and his rousing stint as Song Master. Maybe I will wait and just watch the video on the Shakopee Rotary Facebook page over and over and over.... Everyone should watch it and provide their comments on what a great, fun time we had trying to follow the directions of Jim and his ever lovely assistant, Barb Danielson. Thanks Jim and Barb.
Mallory Glynn is quite a young woman. We are honored to have sponsored her year in Brazil and what a year it was. With her personality it is easy to see how she was and is such a great ambassador for Rotary and our Shakopee Club. Knowing her since she was young and knowing her parents, I am not surprised at all by her level of maturity that she displays as a wonderful young adult. We wish her the best, but you know what...she has just uncovered the tip of the iceberg as to what her life will behold and knowing Mallory, what a wonderful exciting life she has in front of her.
Next meeting we will have Jerry Kucera  fill us in on this year's Scott County Fair. It is great to have the small town feeling at the county fair. When the kids were younger we never missed a year, but it has been 3 years since I have attended. I am looking forward to Jerry's presentation and I hope you are too. Please make him feel welcomed by our Club.
Next Meeting:
Song Master - John Crooks
Fine Master - Bob Greeley
Greeter's Table - Michele Dahl, Jim Cook and John Canny
Here's to hoping everyone stays cool and enjoys the heat that a Texas/Minnesota summer can deliver. Thanks to every person in our Club for doing all you do in making a positive difference in our community and in peoples lives. Keep up the great work and please know how proud I am to be a member of our Shakopee Rotary Club.