Hi All,

Hope you've had a great week and wish you a wonderful weekend.  It was a pleasure to learn more about Chrisy's Columbian family.  Wasn't her dress beautiful!  Did anyone get a photo? I'd like to post it for those that weren't able to attend the meeting. Do you have some upcoming plans that Chrisy might enjoy such as... shopping, taking in a movie or play, a sports game? I know she would enjoy an invitation to join you.

Big Thanks to Art Quinn for updating us on the great work of the Rotary Foundation.  It is my goal to reach $10,500 for our club donations this year and I want to make donating as easy for you as possible.  ImageRemember - your dues go to directly support our club activities.  Donations to the Rotary Foundation do good throughout the world!  I'm not a Rockefeller - but I can still give.  I've committed to donating $5 a month through my debit card.  Please join me in giving what you can to support doing good around the world. Here's my guilt trip - last year we donated around $9,000 and that was from less than half the club participating and includes to non-rotarian donations.  We CAN do better.  See Art or Gregg Hoehn for pledge forms.

ImageGive a pat-on-the-back to: Mark & Sheila McNeil, Kevin O'Brien, Jim Cook, Chuck ImageHuss & Charlie Sunder for taking an hour out of their day to clean trash from the roadside.  Those of you that missed it - also missed out on a lovely glass of beer by the fireside at Stonebrook.


If you haven't used your "Lunch is on me" card yet, this Tuesday would be your chance to invite a colleague, friend, business associate, neighbor...  Please join me in welcoming Abul Sharah as our guest speaker Tuesday, Oct 7, as he gives us an "Update on International Village Clinic".  Abul is a fascinating speaker you won't want to miss!


  • New faces will greet you this week - Harold Armstrong, Libby Bergen and Nell Bury.  Eric Westlund will fine our socks off and the song master is a surprise!
  • Make a difference in a student's life - participate in STRIVE.  Give Nell Bury a jingle
  • Invite someone to attend one of our meetings in October AND give their name & address to the social committee for an invite to the New Member Social.
  • Mark you calendar to attend for the Annual New Member Social - Thursday, November 13, at Stonebrook.
  • Oct. 14: Guest speaker Jay Darby talks about "Gold, Silver and Coin Collecting"

Get out there and LIGHT UP ROTARY!


Kathleen Klehr, President 2014-15