Happy Friday Everyone,
Quick message this week. My daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted today. Things went well and special thanks to Dr. Dave Eckart for recommending the oral surgeon. She had a great experience, as much as possible for someone having 4 teeth yanked out of their head.
Barb Danielson will lead our meeting on Tuesday. I will be attending a Conference at Cragun's all next week. It will surely a "rough" conference ....on the lake.
Our Speaker will be Billy Wermenskirchen and he will talk about the history of Bill's Toggery. Please plan on attending and make Billy feel welcomed.
Next Meeting:
Song Master - Chuck Berg
Fine Master - Barb Danielson
Greeter's Table - Dave Eckart, Gary Martini and Barb Danielson...if she has a minute...
Here's to wonderful weekends,