Good Morning Rotarians,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We headed north and were surprised by the amount of snow. There was a least 2 feet on the ground at our place so there was lots of plowing and shoveling, which makes for a sore back...
Sorry that I had to leave a little early on Tuesday. I heard that Kay King had a great presentation about a very important topic. I am sure everyone took away some valuable information. Thanks Kathy for wrapping up the meeting for me.
Tomorrow, I again have to leave a bit early due to meetings in Minneapolis at 130p. We are still not sure about the speaker, but am sure it will be interesting. Please plan on attending.
Tomorrow's Meeting:
Song Master - Jason Marschall
Fine Master - Barb Danielson
Greeter's Table - Joe Schmidt, Ron Smith and Bill Reynolds
Have  Great Monday and be sure to give a big smile to someone who needs a pick up.