Hello to all:

Everyone is settling back in to your routines and watching the credit card bills come rolling in this time of the month. At least we have a "thaw" in the weather. Lets hope it continues.

Last week, Nell Bury introduced Eric Serbus, principal of the Tokata Learning Center. He gave a very interesting presentation on what is the learning center's mission and what population they serve. I  think all enjoyed this information very much. It was good to have Harold Armstrong join us at the 
meeting last week as a result of school closing, he was able to make our meeting. Pretty much my bad joke telling, made Harold feel right at home! :) 
Also, on Saturday, Kathy Klehr, Chuck Berg, Ron Smith and I attended the Mid-term District 5950 Conference in Brooklyn Park. I believe we came away with a great deal of good information we hope to share with the club in coming days and months.

This week we are asking ALL of our membership to attend. We are having an all-club Assembly and we really need your insight and input regarding important topics membership and meetings of our club. Our own Chuck Berg, Membership Chairperson, is willing to lead a discussion in just how we can plan for future growth and longevity of the club. Recently, the number of members is in decline and meeting attendance has been reduced. We hope these discussions will be the kickstart to finding out how as members,  and the lifeblood of this club, can we develop a strong and vibrant vision for the Shakopee Rotary Club. Your ideas and willingness to share are key to making this Assembly a success and to give the Board direction for our future. Please be there!

You will be greeted this week by the smiling faces of Rod Thompson, Kathy Busch and Nell Bury. Our Finemaster this week is the happy guy Jason Marschall and our songs will be led by the talented team of Shukle and Mcneill. 

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

In Peace and Service,

Sheila McNeill
President, 2013-14