Good day to all of you!

If you missed last week's meeting you missed a great and lively presentation with the news team (more like comedy act) of Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse of Twins Cities Newstalk Radio AM 1130. Tim Whitcomb brought them to us and we had a great time listening to them about what they do on the radio talk show and how they discuss views on politics and other relevant issues of the day. I found a rather "racy" paperback left on the podium by one Mr. Hennen.  He found in our book collections and the book became a popular center of the discussion and comic element of the day. Ben and Jack really said they enjoyed being with our club with the sense of humor and good nature they found to be pervasive amongst Rotarians in general. Never met a club like ours they say, and probably won't again,  I daresay! Thanks Tim for bringing them to us and making it a very good meeting.
Also, you missed a great time if you did not attend Dolce Vita wine tasting last week. The wine, the food and the conversation were all good. Thanks to Dave Paradise our Social Chair for helping to set this up with the Chaska club.

This week we have Robb Hiller who is a Rotarian from the Eden Prarie Club. He has recently written a book and used his dog "Bentley" for inspiration. He will be accompanied by "Bentley" and give us a creative and interesting twist on how we can use his leadership advice based on the inspiration he receives from his dog. I wonder if the dog will be talking to us too? Hmmm...Should make for a very interesting presentation. Hopefully, it will not all "go to the dogs" as they say. Please come out and hear this unique presentation with Robb and his sidekick "Bentley."

We will be greeted one last time this week before we change the guard,  with the likes of the team of Hennen, Esposito and Eckart. The Finemaster this week is Jim Mahoney and the Songmaster is that masterful duo of McNeill and Shukle. 

Bring plastic jelly jars to the meeting. We will be collecting all this month and next for the District youth summer food collection program for the camps and they youth backpacks. Our goal is at least 110 jars and I am sure our club can make that or exceed it!

BOOK SALE SORTING STARTS THIS WEEK! Yes, the book sale will soon be upon us. The book sorting starts this Friday, March 28 and continues through the weekend and whatever more days we need the week of the book sale. We also need volunteers for the Book Sale days,  April 4,5,6 and 12.
Please check  your calendars and let Lynn Pauly know when you can sign up to help. Sign up sheets will be passed at the meetings or you can email Lynn at and tell her when you are available. Check bins for the collections of books. We can start drop off this Friday at the location next to Hallmark. 

In Peace and Service,

Sheila McNeill
President, 2013-14