Hi All,

What a beautiful weekend!  I took some time time to walk around Lake of the Isles, with a mandatory stop at Sebastian Joes on the way home.  Somehow ice cream just tastes so much better after a walk.

It was a delight to see Valerie Huber once more before her journey home.  It was a pleasure to have her as our International Exchange Student this year.  I hope you're all set for the start of the Scott County Fair - Wednesday - Sunday this week.  Thanks so much to Norm Pint and Abby Neu for their presentation about the Fair last week.  What's your "Must Do" Fair thing?Image   I always have to grab a large bag of kettlecorn at the fair, yum!

Hope you've invited friends and colleagues to this week's meeting.  Tammy Laurent and Kathy Morales will share their experiences traveling in Peru, "Hike of the Inca Trail: The Blood, The Sweat and The Tears."  I just love travel and adventure stories.

Our songbird is a surprise. Harold Armstrong will regale us with his wit as he aims to collect a few bucks as fine master.   The greeter table is staffed by three amigos, Kevin O'Brien, Joe Schmidt & Bill Runge this week - thanks guys.


It's going to be a scorcher of a week, so please be careful out there.


Kathy Klehr

President 2014-15