Hello Again,
Now for the details on our  fundraising night at Canterbury. Here is the list of volunteers from the sign up sheet:
Barb Danielson - Jon McBroom
Joan and Don Lynch (arriving a little late)
Michele Dahl - Tim Whitcomb
Ron Smith - Bill Reynolds
Deb Erickson - Chuck Berg
Bill Nevin - Linda Plum
Jody Herrmann - Jason Marschall
Bill and Gini Wermerskirchen
Joe and Lorri Helkamp (until the Lynches arrive)
On Thursday September 15th, you can plan on arriving at Canterbury at 4:30pm. Enter through  the valet doors where you can sign in at the information desk. When everyone volunteering arrives. there will be a "mini tour" of the building and you will be shown where you are working. There will be volunteer t-shirts to wear that you will be able to keep.  Please wear black or khaki pants and closed toed shoes.
Canterbury will be doing our volunteering after Race #3, so our Club will be able to watch the next race, "The Shakopee Rotary Club Race" in the Winner's Circle. We then get our photo taken with the winning horse and jockey. After the race we head back to our shifts.
I am sorry that I will not be able to attend. I am going to miss all the fun. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will bring more information to our Tuesday meeting.  Let's get excited!!!!