Hello Shakopee Rotary! 

I don't know about you, but I was starting to get used to looking at the muddy/brown melting snow and slush.  Well, back to square one... 

I want to thank Jim and Mary Cook for providing from what I heard was second to none entertainment at the annual Valentines Day Dinner Event!  I also would like to thank the Laurents for their generosity in hosting the event out at Stonebrooke...I heard the food was excellent!  If there are other thank you's to hand out from the event, I will catch you in our meeting, as I was unfortunately unable to attend the dinner.  This week we welcome in Kathy Kacher, who will be speaking on "When Work Works".  Welcome Kathy!


Book Sale Update:  Reminder, we are in "Full Book Collection Mode" at this time.  If anyone needs a collection sign and tub to put out at their place of work, please contact either Rob D. or Mike S.  We will be opening the doors to our location for drop off's and sortings in what appears to be the first week of March....more updates to come.   Any questions related to the book sale, please contact Rob D or Mike S.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Monthly Board Meeting:  Quick reminder that the weekly board meeting location will be moved from the Chamber offices to the board room at Klien Bank.  Same date and time; 7:30AM, Wednesday, February 23rd. 

2011 District Conference:  The 2011 District Conference will be held on April 15th - 17th up in Alexandria, MN at the Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center.  I will send out an email to the club with a flier that has further details and registration information for those who are interested in attending.   

Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.  

1.  March 1st:  On-line Makeups / Ice Breakers (Dangerfields) 


2.  March 8th:  Skydiving - Jumpin Joe Johnson & Barb Steinhauser (Dangerfields) 

3.  March 15th:  District 5950 World Community Service Competitive Grants in Africa - Tim Murphy (Dangerfields) 


4.  March 22nd:  Vocational Talk / Ice Breakers - Tony Spagnolio / Angie Whitcomb(Dangerfields) 


5.  March 25-27 & April 1-3:  Book Sale Dates.  Mark you calendar, more details to follow.   


6.  April 26th:  Shakopee Celebrates Reading (More details to come)


7.  April:  Trip to the Science Museum (More details to come) 


8.  June:  Twins Game  (More details to come)



Everyone have a great week!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club