Happy Snowy December Shakopee Rotary!

I don't know about you, but I can live with 8 inches of snowfall, as long as it's that weightless powdery type that is easy to shovel!  Bad for snowballs and building snowmen, good for snow angels and lower back pain for those of us that don't own a snowblower! 

Thank you to Janice Novak for coming in last week to educate our club on what good posture is, how to acheive it, and the life long benefits!  Thank you to Tammy Laurent for inviting Janice to join us! 

This week we have another exciting program lined up!  Courtesy of Lorri Helkamp, we have the honor of having Earl Slack, Associate Dean of Globe University/MBS, join us to give a vocational talk on Media and Graphic Design.  Please remember that our meeting will be held at Canterbury Inn!


Next Two Weeks:  Please remember that our next 2 meetings are located at locations different than Dangerfields (see details below).

FMSC:  Thank you to all who participated in our field trip to Feed My Starving Children last week.  It was a great time had by all, and we as a group packaged 7,776 meals in 90 minutes, which will feed 21 children for a whole year!  Thank you to Barb Brekke for lining up this opportunity for our club!

Perfect Attendance:  Congratulations to all members who received a perfect attendance award last week.  These awards are a testimony to the vast opportunities that our club offers it's membership to be active within the community, and to the amount of fun we have together as a group!  Congratulations again to all award receipients!!  

Charitable Gambling Commitee Meeting:  Reminder, that this month's Charitable Gambling meeting has been moved to tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec 7th), at 11:30AM at Canterbury Inn's bar area, just prior to our meeting. 


This year's Holiday Cabaret will be a bit of the old, and a bit of the new. The event will be our normal meeting time on December 21st, at Stonebrooke Golf Club.
Returning to the show will be the singing Shukle kids. People who were in attendance at last year's event know that the Shukles' musical talents were amazing, and while this year's version will be different, it will be no less entertaining.
However, bringing back some of the fun of the Rotarian involvement from yesteryear, we are also inviting any Club member who wants to participate, through song, poem, joke, or an incredible feat o' skill, to let one of the Songmasters know of your desire to share in the Spirit of the Holidays. There is space available! (And keep in mind that true talent is not necessarily a requirement to be a part of the event).

Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.

1. December 14th:  Lunch with Dick Mertz at St.Gertrude's.  Holiday Choir Music as our program.  (St. Gertrude's)

2. December 21th: Holiday Caberet (Stonebrooke) 

3. December 28th: Ice Breakers (Dangerfields)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club