Hello Shakopee Rotary!

I want to thank Carl Swaggert for coming in and sharing his experiences and background while working at the Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Thank Carl! 

This week we welcome our STRIVE team and the STRIVE students who will be recapping their year together and sharing with us their accomplishments!  Welcome STRIVE students!! 


Save the Date:  Reminder to save the date of September 22nd, 2011, which will hold our upcoming Harlem Ambassador Fund-raising event!!!


Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.  

1.  May 31st:  Fire Safety – Tom Pitschneider (Dangerfields) 


2.  June 7th:  Exchange Student Experience - Emma (Dangerfields) 


3.  June 14th:  AMOAF School Musical Instrument Program (Columbia) – Ron Smith (Dangerfields)


4.  June 14th:  Twins Game.  Bus leaves at 5:00PM at Dangerfields.  $30 per person.  See Kathy Klehr with questions.


5.  June 21st:  President Exit Meeting – Rob Deuth (Dangerfields)


6.  June 28th:  District Governor Installation Program (Canterbury Inn)



Looking forward to seeing everyone at noon tomorrow!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club