Hello Shakopee Rotary!

Thank you to Ron Smith for his program last week on the AMCAF School Musical Instrument project in Columbia!  Ron has done a tremendous job cultivating and driving many of our international projects to close over the past few years….thank you Ron for your continued dedication and spirit that is a phenomenal representation of what Rotary is all about! 

This week we have our annual year end club leadership transition program.  We will be saying good bye to Rob as our club president (hold your applause please!  J ), and inducting Tim Whitcomb as our new club president, along with the board members. 


Save the Date:  Reminder to save the date of September 22nd, 2011, which will hold our upcoming Harlem Ambassador Fund-raising event!!!



Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.  

1.  June 28th:  District Governor Installation Program (Canterbury Inn)


2.  July 5th:  Wiggle your Toes - Aaron Holm & Rob Rieckenberger (Dangerfields)


5.  July 12th:  State of the City – May John J. Schmidt (Dangerfields)


6.  July 19th:  Shakopee High School “Gateway to Engineering” – T.J. Hendrickson (Dangerfields)


7.  July 26th:  Rotary Outbound Exchange Experience in Finland - Emma Ruthenbeck (Dangerfields)


Looking forward to seeing everyone at noon on Tuesday!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club